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We can help design and restore old pools to look brand new! Including re-plastering (White Plaster, Quartz Plaster, Pebble Tech), changing water line and step tiles, adding rock or water features. For that old deck, we can: replace it, resurface it, paint it or reconfigure it.


Plaster is still the most common interior pool surface (although it’s not the best). People like plaster because they’re familiar with it and it’s the least expensive of the three primary pool surfaces.

Most traditional plaster is white cement mixed with limestone or marble sand. By its nature, plaster has certain limitations.

Its porous surface is the most susceptible of the three to staining, bacteria growth and breakdown by the chemicals you add. Because plaster constantly reacts to water and chemicals, plaster pools “use” more chemicals to maintain a balanced water chemistry. And plaster doesn’t typically last as long as the other two surfaces (for these reasons).

You can expect a new plaster surface to give you 3 to 5 years of good service with proper care.


A quartz interior pool surface is actually a plaster surface with quartz aggregate mixed in. There are two benefits with quartz: First, quartz is a very hard material, and because a percentage of your pool interior surface is now covered with a hard, non-porous, stain-resistant material – quartz – you have a more stain-resistant, more durable and longer-lasting surface than plaster alone.

Second, people like quartz because you can introduce colors into your pool interior with it. 3M Color quartz is generally regarded as the best color quartz available. People choose quartz for beauty (colors) and durability.

Quartz is an “7” on the hardness scale compared to marble sand (what it replaces) at a “3” (diamond is “10”). Quartz costs about 50% more than traditional plaster. You can expect a new quartz surface to give you 5 to 7 years of good service with proper care.


A “pebble” interior pool surface is cement with pebble aggregate mixed in. The pebbles actually comprise the majority of the surface of the pool, with the obvious advantages.

It is the most stain-resistant and most durable surface available. And you can select from many different interesting colors. But it’s a rough surface. It’s hard on feet and on automatic pool cleaners (any parts coming in constant contact with the surface of pebble pools will wear out much more quickly). A “mini” pebble surface is available from most pool companies. It is smoother than standard pebble because it uses small pebbles. This surface is actually polished smooth!

Pebble surfaces are about double the cost of traditional plaster. You can expect a new pebble surface to give you 10 to 12 years of good service with proper care.

Renovation should begin with a total plan. It should not be piece by piece. Let us help you determine what is the best approach for your equipment, lights, plaster, tile, and deck.

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Despite scientific progress in the production of modern construction materials, nothing is eternal. Everything is affected by destructive moisture properties. Over time, metal, stone, wood and even modern polymeric coatings are destroyed by the constant effects of water. This affect also concerns pools, no matter what quality material they are made of. But, this does not mean that after a certain period you must build a new pool. A pool that has served you for many years can be repaired or even completely renovated if you want. Repairs may include a whole range of works on equipment replacement and, finishing or perhaps even renovation, with the installation of additional elements. A comprehensive pool renovation will not only restore, but also expand the functionality of your pool and even change its exterior presentation.

Renovations can be broad based and revitalizing or more pointed to resolve or improve a current condition that has developed. Providing integrated pool renovation services in Las Vegas (Nevada) is one of the Quality One Pool Management professional activities. By contacting our company, our technical specialists can estimate both partial and comprehensive or even turnkey pool renovation projects.


There might be different reasons for pool renovation. Those include the gradual destruction of internal finishing materials, the wear and tear of water supply systems, water filtering, heating systems or, waterproofing issues. Even if your pool has all of the problems mentioned above, it’s not a tragedy either. Contact our professionals and we will help you. Due to the renovation service of swimming pools we offer, you won’t waste time to search for materials and equipment. Our company will offer you a wide range of quality materials and components. All you must do is to enjoy the pool renovation by the industry experts.


The need for pool renovation is commonly associated with performing extended pool operations without proper care. It may be the result of inadequate filtration of water, its quality or improper circulation. In the latter case, water stagnates, the inner finishing materials gradually get covered with slime and ruined over time resulting in an unsightly interior surface.  Renovation of a pool, especially of an open one, is sometimes the only option for its revival and further operation.

Both the renovation and reconstruction work of a swimming pool is very complex and dangerous. Quality One Pool Management uses only certified building materials and safe high-quality equipment from leading European and American manufacturers. Quality One Pool Management also respects the construction technology and state building standards, enabling us, as a contractor, to assure the customer of the quality of our work.

As you have already understood, at some point pool renovation is obligatory and inevitable. Don’t wait for the mosaic to crumble altogether or a minor crack to create a serious problem. If you are a resident of Las Vegas or the nearest cities in Nevada, our specialist will arrive in 1-2 days and will conduct diagnostic tests. Please note that pool renovation cannot be done immediately at the first visit. It’s important to work out the project. Don’t try to renovate the pool on your own. This is a step-by-step and complex process that only a team of professionals can handle.